Just Pink It!



Now let’s not get this confused, PINK LUCY and the designer herself is more than just fashion. The thing is that we just excel at this fashion game and although it may sound boastful, I can assure you that it’s just a lot of confidence fused with good ole hard work!


This game that we call fashion has been one of many ups and downs, twists and turns but as Drake infamously said, “Honey, We Made it”! Okay perhaps he did not say honey but that’s my twist on what he said, (insert giggles here).


Pink Lucy is much more than clothes… it’s a lifestyle that we have created. It is about not conforming and doing what the hell you want to do when you feel like doing it. I mean who has time for rules and barriers. See we use boxes to ship out haute sh*t, not to contain our thoughts.  For so long we have been told how we should think, what we should do, what careers we should pursue and you know we can go on and on with this dogma. This ideology has kept us from pursuing our dreams and continues to be the thought in our head that says, “Can I really do this”?  At Pink Lucy we like to discard the mantra that you have to live within the invisible barriers that life has so carefully built around us. Yea, I piss some people of with my attitude about this but “PINK IT” (fucc it) we do what the hell we want.


So, what’s the point of me saying all of this and how does this coincide with PINK LUCY being a lifestyle? It’s simple, Pink Lucy is more than just clothes it’s about EMPOWERMENT and teaching women to love the skin that they are in- after all, it’s the “clothing” that we were born in so it’s only fitting for us to love the very thing that makes us exactly who we are.


This is something that I had to learn at an early age, as my mother would say, “that Tiffy was just always soooooooo different” (as she slung her long black hair). See my mother was so prim and proper, a Southern Belle that knew exactly what to say and when to say it. She wore the finest clothes, and would put on makeup just to sit around the house…I digress. Point being Ms. Tiffany Shemise Walker was born and honey, I shook up her whole world and everyone around! Oh yes, Tiffany had entered the world and everyone was going to know it. After she tried over and over again to “refine” me she decided that this FLOWER CHILD was a force to be reckoned with and as we say, “She let me, do me” and doing me was my specialty.


Early on I become comfortable in my own skin. Yea I was taunted and picked on for being a little DIFFERENT but it was the same thing that made me the IT girl! You know the one that everyone hates but still wants to be around, yes that was me- I was the poster child for “I can’t stand her”. They simply could not handle my passion, confidence, and the ability to charm the pants off anyone! Today these are the attributes that have propelled me to great success. These are the attributes that I fuse into every one of my designs.


When you rock Pink Lucy, you are literally rocking a part of me.  There is a little of that in your face, sassy, sexy, and fabulous Tiffany in every garment that I create. I can say that this is what gives me the greatest feeling of accomplishment…knowing that I get to share a piece of me with everyone of my fabulous customers and clients.



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